Zelensky’s decree distorts the will of citizens who have elected parliament for 5 years — people’s deputy

The decree of President Vladimir Zelensky about the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine several months before the completion of the parliamentary cadence does not correspond to the will of the Ukrainian people.

This was stated by the people’s deputy Nikolay Knyazhitsky on the espresso television channel, commenting on the presidential decree on the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada of the eighth convocation.

«From my point of view, the Decree is frankly unconstitutional, it distorts the will of citizens who have elected parliament for 5 years. There are several months left until the end of the term,» the people’s deputy said.

According to Knyazhitsky, Zelensky’s desire to dissolve parliament as soon as possible is dictated by the tendency of a high level of confidence in the newly elected president in the first months after the elections. After all, until October (it was then that the scheduled elections to the Verkhovna Rada should have been held), the Garant ratings may decline and, accordingly, it will be more difficult to hold a party to parliament.

“Obviously, President Zelensky, issuing an illegal decree, sought to maintain this tendency to increase his rating in order to have a controlled majority in parliament. In order for those statements that we hear from the press secretary of the president that Ukrainian armed forces are shooting at children gardens or hospitals, or that we should not shoot back. For such statements to find support in parliament. Therefore, it was urgently necessary to make elections, «said Nikolai Knyazhytsky.

The MP also urged the judges of the Constitutional Court to understand the consequences and to remember their responsibility when making this important decision.

“Any illegal decision, which can then lead Ukraine to lose its subjectivity and independence, will be a stain on the conscience and responsibility of these judges. Therefore, I am absolutely convinced that KSU, despite pressure, will do everything to make a legitimate and fair decision” Knyazhytsky said.


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