Zelensky signed a law to privatize the Odessa film studio

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed Law No. 0896 “On Amending Certain Laws of Ukraine in Connection with the Entry into Force of the Law of Ukraine“ On State Support of Cinematography in Ukraine ”.

Rada voted for him in the second reading on October 3. The project was supported by 253 people’s deputies (including 225 «servants of the people»), there were ten members of parliament against it, 91 deputies did not vote. On October 17, the law was returned to Parliament with the signature of the head of state.

This normative legal act, among other things, cancels the moratorium on privatization, alienation, pledging and depositing in the authorized capital of business companies of all forms of authority of the state block of shares of the Odessa Film Studio, which has been in force since 2011.

The lobbyist for the final privatization of the enterprise is the People’s Deputy, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy, Alexander Tkachenko. Former director of the 1 + 1 TV channel (owned by Igor Kolomoisky), Tkachenko is a co-owner of the New Film Studio company, which owns 50% minus one share of the Odessa film studio.

He repeatedly stated the need for its speedy privatization. Like, without this its revival is impossible:

“Ever since the movie studio became partially private, nothing bad has happened. Two Kiev film studios, which remained in the hands of the state, have already closed. Odessa lives solely at the expense of private funds. There is no Soviet Union, that system of distribution of funds is not there either. While we will remember what happened to us 25 years ago, we will stand where we stand. But today we have good opportunities that cannot be lost, ”said Alexander Tkachenko.

People’s Deputy Aleksey Goncharenko is against the sale of the Odessa film studio. He amended the bill to exclude the possibility of privatization, but it was not taken into account. Goncharenko was among those 10 people’s deputies who voted against the law No. 0896.


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