Zelensky conducts interviews with each candidate for mayor of regional centers — people’s deputy

All candidates for mayor of regional centers are interviewed by President Volodymyr Zelensky. This was reported to UNN by the deputy chairman of the Servant of the People faction Evgenia Kravchuk.

«I think that there can be no sharp struggle a priori, there will be a struggle everywhere. Of course, we did sociology in absolutely every regional settlement, in cities of regional importance that are important to us. We understand what the starting conditions are. They say that we held the primaries. only in the capital. In fact, such mini-primaries are held in every regional center, «said Kravchuk.

According to her, in addition to checking the starting conditions of candidates, they were tested for virtue.

«Definitely, everyone is interviewed by the President, namely the candidates for the mayor of regional centers. This is logical, because this is the President’s party, and when Zelensky gives a piece of his name, then it is necessary to somehow go through a rather serious verification,» Kravchuk added.


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