Zelensky commented on the scandal around the blocking «Servants of the people-3»

The presidential candidate of Ukraine and the well-known showman Vladimir Zelensky commented on the scandalous correspondence of the People’s Deputy from BPP Alexander Chernenko, in which the options of blocking the release on the TV screens of the Servant of the people series were discussed.

“First, I am grateful. I am amazed a little, but grateful. Studio Kvartal 95, namely, the film Servant of the People-3, would never have received such marketing, ”said Vladimir Zelensky in his commentary to journalists. “I have not seen it in any society, and I have not seen in any country in the world — that the government of the country advertised the series. So I am very pleased that everyone is concerned — what comes out will not work out … ”, added Zelensky.

“As for the whole Pleiad, as a whole, I’m not even talking about people, in general, this whole situation and all these steps and such actions — you know, frankly, my feeling that the elections, in principle, should be a normal sport, a normal fight. And, of course, people determine — this is the choice of the people — for whom they want to vote. There should be normal human conditions between presidential candidates, according to normal rules it should be, ”he said.

“Here we see a picture when, figuratively speaking, we entered the boxing ring, and you try to act according to the rules, but there are no judges — because there are no courts — and people only beat below the belt, and not because of small stature, but because of the small mind and even because of his absence. Basically, this is my feeling. But in general, I am grateful to everyone, ”concluded Zelensky.

A source: hvylya.net

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