Zelensky commented on rumors about Poroshenko’s order about checking the series «The Servant of the People»

The Ukrainian showman and presidential candidate from the Servant of the People Party, Vladimir Zelensky, called the scandal around the show of the same name marketing and thanked for the advertisement. About this, he told reporters TSN.

“I’m grateful, I’m amazed. Quarter 95 studio would never get such marketing,” he says.

Zelensky claims that he did not see any kind of power to advertise the series in the same way.

«But in any case, everyone did everything to make the film watched by the maximum number of our viewers,» the showman added.

Zelensky gave a comment about checking the series «Servant of the People»

On February 13, the Committee of Voters of Ukraine asked the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting to check the film and the series «Servant of the People» and other films and original programs with presidential candidates of Ukraine for compliance with the legislation.

At the same time, 1 + 1 journalist Oleksandr Dubinsky published on the social network the alleged correspondence of the People’s Deputy from BPP Chernenko with Poroshenko’s assistant, saying that the idea to check the Zelensky series came from the Presidential Administration.

Chernenko published the correspondence called «fake». According to the people’s deputy, the conversations were mounted, and he believes that his phone is tapped.


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