«You must be me instead!» The famous ex-people’s deputy suddenly died

I, VIII convocation from the Udar party and the Ukrainian writer Maria Matios Alexander died.

She personally spoke about this on her Facebook page, showing subscribers a photo of a 35-year-old man who did not live a little more than a month before his birthday.

«11.24.1983 — 10.10.2019. Forgive me, the only Son … maybe I should have been there instead of you …. and while God will judge everyone and everything, help me, Son, to dry my tears for you,» — told Matios.

She did not begin to tell what exactly caused the death. In the comments, users, including Larisa Sargan, expressed their condolences to the family.

“Sincere condolences, Madame Maria,” “Hold on, we all sincerely grieve with you,” “What a terrible grief! Sincere condolences! There are no words — only strength to your heart,” “Eternal memory,” “May God rest in peace,” «God grant him eternal peace. Accept my sincere condolences,» users wrote.


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