«We have a peep: who will review whom,» — the people’s deputy from CH Tishchenko did not answer journalists’ questions about correspondence with the pranker Joker

The deputy from the «Servant of the People» Nikolai Tischenko evaded the question of whether his correspondence with the pranker Joker published in the media is genuine. Instead of an answer, he initially smiled and waved, and then burst into a tirade about the role of journalism.
A video of communication with journalists was published by the Novoye Vremya publication, informs Censor.NET.

Tishchenko was asked questions: does he confirm the authenticity of the correspondence, did they call him to NABU, did President Vladimir Zelensky speak with him? However, the people’s deputy at first simply was silent and smiling, and then began to talk about the role of journalists.

«We have a peep: who will review whom. I will not leave in principle, I will listen to your questions,» Tishchenko said.

«I want to talk with journalists, to communicate. I love all journalists, I want you to know: journalists are the most important profession for us, politicians. The most important position of all journalists is to defend the opinion of the people. People need change, friends. Therefore we, the team, the political party «Servants of the People» have undertaken to change the country. Thank you, «he said, turned around and left.


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