Ukrainian people’s deputy called a mistake the victory of Zelensky in elections

The leader of the party «The Opposition Platform — For Life» Vadim Rabinovich said that the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, did not fulfill a single electoral promise and would not have peace with him. He stated this on the TV channel «112 Ukraine».
According to the people’s deputy, despite the colossal support, the elected leader, Vladimir Zelensky, is in no hurry to work on problems within Ukraine.

“I apologize a thousand times for Zelensky and for myself, but I have to not only criticize Zelensky, but say one simple thing: yes, we were mistaken once again, unfortunately,” said Rabinovich.

He also noted that it was necessary to elect Zelensky as the President of Ukraine in order to remove the ex-President of the country, Petro Poroshenko, from this post.

The post of head of state Vladimir Zelensky received after the second round of elections in Ukraine, which took place on April 21. He scored 73.21% of the vote. Poroshenko, who together with Zelensky fought for the presidency, admitted that he had lost the race.

On May 22, a petition appeared on the website of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers calling on Zelensky to leave the presidency. The leader of Ukraine, in turn, recalled that he could leave office as a result of impeachment, resignation, for health reasons or in case of death.

Zelensky also invited everyone to turn to the Verkhovna Rada demanding to vote for the bill on impeachment.

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