Ukrainian people’s deputies deprived themselves of deputy payments in case of truancy

The Verkhovna Rada adopted a law amending the legislation regarding the deprivation of the right of people’s deputies to financial security in case of absence without good reason parliamentary sittings.

As the correspondent of the Interfax-Ukraine agency reports, bill No. 1035-2 in the second reading and as a whole at a plenary meeting of the Rada on Wednesday was supported by 265 deputies.

The document proposes to deprive of material compensation for the fulfillment of deputy powers, if the people’s deputy during the calendar month during one regular session without valid reasons did not participate in more than a third of the votes in plenary meetings or more than half of the meetings of the committee of which he is a member.

Termination of payments for the corresponding month will be carried out by order of the chairman of the parliament by decision of the regulatory committee on the basis of information on the accounting of working hours of people’s deputies submitted by the Rada’s apparatus.

The adopted law does not provide for the procedure for the written registration of parliamentarians in plenary meetings. The basis for calculating payments to the people’s deputy for participation in plenary meetings will be registration using the electronic system. According to the adopted law, as now, before the opening of the plenary meeting in the meeting room of the Rada, the people’s deputy is registered using the electronic system by pressing the “for” button. If a member of parliament thus did not register using the electronic system, but during the plenary participated in the voting on the agenda through the electronic system, he shall be considered registered.

The law provides that the data on the participation of a people’s deputy in at least 70% of the vote in the adoption of the decisions of the Rada at each plenary meeting is the basis for charging him wages for the time of participation in plenary meetings.

Accounting for the participation of the People’s Deputy in the vote when making a parliamentary decision will be carried out using the electronic system, and the data of such accounting (in percent) will be published for each day of plenary meetings on the website of the Verkhovna Rada.

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