«Ukraine will lose 70% of ore export»: the people’s deputy urged to change the bill No. 1210

In parliament, disputes continue around the odious bill No. 1210, which provides for changes to the Tax Code. A number of people’s deputies once again focused on the possible risks of its adoption without consulting business and experts.

About this in a comment to Channel 5 said MP MP Musa Magomedov.

«Ukraine will lose 70% of ore export»: the people’s deputy urged to change the bill No. 1210

According to him, the group of deputies, which includes him, tried to convey to most parliamentarians information about the threats posed by the bill for the real sector of the economy. In particular, the adoption of Law No. 1210 will lead to a sharp reduction in production and a significant decrease in budget revenues.

«I still hope that there is enough wisdom not to accept it in the form in which it is proposed. But if this happens, then the first — the country will lose 70% of ore exports. We will lose quite a significant foreign exchange earnings and budget revenues. According to calculations , that’s about 12% of current payments, «Magomedov explains.

In the new plenary week, the Verkhovna Rada passed to the consideration of bills in full, and therefore, the contradictory Law No. 1210 on increasing rents has not yet been considered.

Recall that according to the international audit company PWC, if the law is passed, extracting ore in Ukraine will become 9 times more expensive than in Russia, which will immediately take advantage of Ukrainian competitors in this market.


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