Ukraine wants negotiations with Putin on Donbass, — the people’s deputy «Servants of the people»

The question of resolving the conflict in the Donbass cannot be resolved without Russian President Vladimir Putin, because he is the main initiator of the outbreak of war. That is why Ukraine wants to negotiate peace with him, and not the leaders of the militants.

This was stated by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Foreign Policy and Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Bogdan Yaremenko on the air of the program «The Right to Power», TSN writes.
He explained that the withdrawal of troops in the Donbass is an important step. But this does not mean that the Ukrainian military will be completely withdrawn from the East.

Breeding is not a troop withdrawal. We are not naive children, we read all the texts of the Minsk agreements, we all know and understand what is happening. That side tells us five years: speak with «LPR», «DPR», negotiate with them. We are not naive. We understand that it’s to blame for what is happening, and only Putin can stop it. And we want negotiations with him,
— stressed the people’s deputy.

The politician commented on Ukraine’s approval of Steinmeier’s formula and noted that this is a small step on the road to peace in the Donbass. In particular, its signing and Ukraine’s readiness to deploy troops in certain sectors are aimed at checking whether Putin is ready to help end the war.

“These small steps are an indicator for us: is he ready to move on? These are small litmus papers. With each step we are convinced: can we take the next one or not? That’s all. We don’t rush into the water without checking the depth. We go with small steps forward, which allow us to stop at any second, «Yaremenko assured.

The people’s deputy is convinced that the head of the Kremlin does not want good for Ukraine. However, his consent to negotiations on the Donbass is an important point that Ukraine should use to its advantage.

“I guarantee you: he will not change a gram. But he is a rational politician. He also cares about the interests of his state. He sees that international sanctions are very expensive for him. He cannot develop his country. If he had no motives to talk about the return of Donbass — he wouldn’t say that. And the fact that he went into this conversation — let’s use it now, let’s see, ”Yaremenko summed up.

What does Steinmeier’s formula suggest? On October 1, the Ukrainian side signed in Minsk the Steinmeier formula for resolving the conflict in the Donbass. In fact, the Ukrainian representative in the TKG Leonid Kuchma handed a letter to the OSCE representative Martin Saydik in which the state agrees with the formulations of the Steinmeier formula, but did not sign the Steinmeier formula on October 1, which were previously agreed by the advisers to the heads of state of the Norman format.

According to the formula, an interim law on a special procedure for local self-government in certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions will come into force on an ongoing basis. We are talking about the law on the special status of Donbass. This will happen if elections are held in Ukrainian Liberal Democratic Republic of Ukraine according to Ukrainian law, and also after the publication of the OSCE report, which will indicate: the elections were held in accordance with OSCE standards and international standards for democratic elections.

The President of Ukraine emphasized that the elections will be held only on condition that Russian troops will be withdrawn from the occupied territories of Donbass and the captured part of the Ukrainian-Russian border will be transferred to Ukrainian control.

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