«Ukraine needs budget decentralization» — the people’s deputy from fraction of the Servant of the People Tatyana Gryshchenko

It is necessary to complete the process of decentralization in Ukraine, and the election of governors should become the basis of the political structure of the country with broad powers for local self-government. To do this, you need to make appropriate changes to the constitution of Ukraine.

The People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Party of the Servant of the People Tatyana Grishchenko said:

“The governor, of course, needs to be elected only by direct vote. Because a person should solve some issues, and not think that he is at work today, and tomorrow they will remove him, because the power has changed so that he has an elected position. He should know that he was chosen by people who trust him and he is going to do for people. As a result, there will be more chances to have some kind of dialogue between officials and ordinary citizens. The most important thing is that this will be an independent position, he will manage according to how people will give him this chance. ”

The primary task today is the formation of effective local self-government in which the territorial communities will receive expanded powers, rather than the chairmen of the regional and district administrations appointed from above. It is the elected posts that will enable citizens to control officials, for this it is necessary to amend the Constitution of Ukraine. Using mechanisms of independent budget formation, the regions will be able to decide for themselves what to spend resources on.

“Budget decentralization is when the budget should be formed precisely in the region, because people know where it is better for them to use the money, for which they pay taxes, what they need. It’s not the people who sit on top who should manage what they don’t know about how medium-sized businesses are currently living, namely the people who live in the places where they work. Therefore, I believe that the budget should be decentralized, from bottom to top, and not from top to bottom. First, the budget should be formed in the regions, and then submitted for approval to the Cabinet of Ministers and BP, ”said Grishchenko

Comprehensive actions will allow ending decentralization and reforming local self-government of Ukraine to European standards.


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