The People’s Deputy of Ukraine from the Fatherland party Mikhail Tsymbalyuk spoke about cooperation with Viktor Yanukovych while Yulia Tymoshenko was behind bars.

He told about it on air of «Direct».

You too are judged by who you work with. Because you are a government official. You worked with Yanukovych and received high posts under Yanukovych. Why such a sharp jump in the team Tymoshenko, such a quick and rapid change?

— It’s not true that fast and swift. I have known Yulia Tymoshenko since 2004, from the late Mr. Zinchenko. Since then I have been talking with Yulia Tymoshenko, and we have discussed a lot of state affairs with her, regardless of who and where was — who is in power, who is in opposition.

She was in prison when you worked.

— No, not only. She worked as prime minister when I headed the Department of Internal Affairs in the Poltava region under Yushchenko. We worked together with her for the commissioning of many socially important objects. That is, I worked in many presidential teams. And I think, because I did not swear an oath to serve any president, including this one. I took an oath as a man in uniform to serve the Ukrainian people.

And why are the presidents changing, and you still remain in some positions?

— I am with the people. When Poroshenko, I was out of office. Let’s be like this.

And under Zelensky — with a post.

— This is not a post. It was not Zelensky who chose me, but the Ukrainian people who chose me. I am very grateful to him for this. And Yulia Tymoshenko is grateful who invited me to her team.


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