Traitors from «L / DPR» may fall into power: the people’s deputy surprised with a strange statement

The MP from the «Servant of the People» Maxim Tkachenko surprised with a statement, saying that after the liberation of Donbass he admits the presence of traitors to Ukraine in the Ukrainian authorities, who are now in the occupation authorities of the so-called «DNR» and «LC». A fragment of his speech was shown on the Radio Liberty YouTube channel.

He believes that there are normal and professional people in the “administrations” of the unrecognized “republics”.

“It seems to me that on the other side there are still professional people in the“ authorities ”, there are still sane people, there are still honest and decent people who want peace, they want the territories to return. But for various reasons, they remain there. I I’m sure that you and I know many. And I do not exclude that one of them will be able to remain in the team of the new government, «Tkachenko said.

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