Traitor on a traitor: the pranker leaked correspondence with Tishchenko about salaries in envelopes to people’s deputies

Pranker «Joker» published a correspondence with the people’s deputy from the «Servant of the People» Nikolai Tishchenko. In correspondence, the pranker, on behalf of the Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka, talks with Tishchenko about the situation inside the faction, the people’s deputy’s conflict with Alexander Tkachenko and the money «in envelopes» for «public servants».

The correspondence of the Joker with Tishchenko began in the last plenary week of the Verkhovna Rada, on the eve of the sex scandal with the people’s deputy from the Servant of the People Bogdan Yaremenko. Note that it was this pranker who, on behalf of Ryaboshapka, also prompted Yaremenko to apologize for the scandal. Yaremenko’s intimate correspondence: the people’s deputy made the pranker Ryaboshapka apologize — photo proof.

The situation in the «Servant of the people»

At the beginning of the correspondence, the «Joker» introduced himself as Tishchenko Ryaboshapka and arranged an emotional conversation with him about political events. Tishchenko actively responded to messages in which he described the difficult internal situation in the Servant of the People faction. The people’s deputy also shared his experiences about what will happen to his future if nothing changes.

«A business is fucking without me. The name is being killed in the trash. I thought it was a team, a family, a team, all for each other and just huh … my wife cries, she says every day that they will put me in prison … I don’t understand what’s next «,
— Tishchenko complains to «the public prosecutor».

Image Tishchenko
He also listed the changes that occurred in his public image as a politician who began with a «fool» and obviously, as the people’s deputy predicts, ends with «Pi * dec».

«First I’m a fool, then a drug addict, then Dobkin, then I’ve cut off law 2045-1 with ATO-Yarosh, now I’m“ watching ”(rumors that Tishchenko has been appointed“ watching ”in Kiev), soon the races will be recorded, «wrote Tishchenko.

Complaints against Tkachenko
According to him, a separate «pi * dec in the party» is the former general director of the 1 + 1 television channel, the acting people’s deputy from the «Servant of the People» Alexander Tkachenko, endowed with «megalomania.»

From one of the correspondence with the pranker, it becomes clear that not only Tishchenko refers to Tkachenko in «Servant of the People». And to the words of the pranker that Tkachenko had zero chances to win the mayoral elections in Kiev, Tishchenko responds with the words that the party is «pro * betting elections in Kiev» with Tkachenko and reveals some interesting details.

So, Tishchenko said that it was Tkachenko who launched the rumors that he was “watching Kiev” in the media. The reason is revenge for the fact that Tischeno was against the creation of the New Kiev inter-factional association.

“I didn’t sign him a shitty MFI, and people (the majority wanted to), so he ran to Misha Brodsky (the owner of the Observer site Mikhail Brodsky). And Brodsky is Sasha’s Tretyakov’s partner (I won him on the 219th) — that godfather of Lutsenko !!! He’s Tkachenko’s partner in “1 + 1,” wrote Tishchenko.

The People’s Deputy also constantly complains to Ryaboshapka about the lack of party discipline, and offers the Prosecutor General to establish it together.

«Traitor to the traitor»,
— Tishchenko complains about the situation in the faction «Servants of the people.»

«Salaries in envelopes»
After this correspondence unfolds on the topic of «salaries to envelopes» from the leadership of the state to people’s deputies. Pranker tried to bring Tishchenko to a frank conversation about «salary in envelopes» and wrote that his party members wanted to write a statement about how Tishchenko was distributing salaries in parliament, to which the «servant of the people» only specified: how many were there?

Further, Ryaboshapka complains of people’s deputies, among whom are many traitors and informers. Then the pranker turns to Tishchenko with the question:

«Fuck, do you understand the level of pi * Aras after they were given Babuk (they were given» salaries in envelopes «)? 20 people went to merge Old and to snitch — those who took the main thing.»

Tishchenko replies to this: “I asked a teacher at a history lesson in school:“ Why didn’t they keep Ukraine? ”He said:“ I’m small, I didn’t understand … now, s * ka, I understand. ”

«Ryaboshapka» wrote to Tishchenko that they could have recorded on video at the moment when the people’s deputy was distributing money. Pranker asked Tishchenko to come up with something in order not to personally hand out deputy fees. The people’s deputy asks for advice on how to do this: «Tell me, pliz, I’ll change tactics.» Tishchenko also tried to find out from Ryaboshapki who specifically of the same party members had informed him.

Scandal with the Copperman
The conversation between the pranker and Tishchenko also went about the people’s deputy Vyacheslav Medianik, who recently got into correspondence, in which he discussed how he plans through the prosecutors to resolve the issue with the “ocean” and “sugar”. Recall that Medyanik was not expelled from the faction, the incident was left unpunished. Tishchenko writes to Ryaboshapka that Medyanik was kneeling before him, trying to explain that things were going differently.

In addition, the correspondence refers to the extortion by Medyanik and Yuri Koryavchenkov (Yuzik from the Quarter) of 600 thousand dollars from an enterprise in Krivoy Rog. They were allegedly recorded on audio. This audio allegedly already appeared at the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

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