They don’t talk about this: Rakhmanin announced the unpopular plan for the Donbass

At a time when the military is deploying troops in the Donbass, politicians are discussing the issue of returning the region to Ukrainian control. Temporary freezing the conflict may be one of the ways to solve the problem of Donbass. This position was broadcast on the “Right to Power” program on the 1 + 1 television channel by the head of the faction of the Voice party, Sergei Rakhmanin.

In this case, the people’s deputy stressed that the state should do everything to return from the temporarily occupied territories people who want it.

“An option that is not spoken out loud. It is discussed from time to time. He is not voiced: either out of shame, or out of fear. It’s called “freezing the conflict,” Rahmanin said.

The politician recalled that now Ukraine is not able to return the Donbass either by military or diplomatic means.

In this case, in his opinion, it is better to stop to collect your thoughts.

“And most importantly, in order to bring people back. There should be a state program for the return of people who are ready to return, ”added Rakhmanin.

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