There are no grounds for early elections to the Rada — Kornienko

The chairman of the Servant of the People party, People’s Deputy Oleksandr Kornienko, is convinced that there are no grounds for early parliamentary elections.

Source: Kornienko in an interview with «Ukrainian Truth»

Direct speech: “Probably, everything in life must be assumed. But I think that now there are no grounds for early elections. First of all, there are no political grounds, because from the point of view of sociology, now 50-50 Ukrainians are in favor of early elections.

And such a situation will always cause low legitimacy of the elected parliament. »

Details: He added that now «Servant of the People» is working in «rather amusing conditions — the mono-majority are buried every week, but they somehow constantly revive.»

According to Kornienko, now «Servant of the People» remains the leading force — according to sociology, the party is still in the first place.

The chairman of the SN party noted that «one can, of course, look for some kind of legal basis, but this is unnecessary, because there is a coalition, a government, the Rada is going to.»

He assures that the president also thinks the same.

What happened before: On May 20, at a press conference in Kiev, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that he would dissolve parliament if MPs from Servant of the People stop voting for important laws or start lobbying for the interests of some commercial group of influence on the government.

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