The Verkhovna Rada proposed to tax the currency exchange

MP from the Servant of the People, deputy chairman of the tax committee Alexander Dubinsky proposed a new tax. He registered in the parliament bill No. 2208. The people’s deputy wrote about this on his page on Facebook.

According to the bill, a tax of 1% is set on the amount of purchase of foreign currency in cash. The money received should be directed to the accounts of the main treasury departments, but they are provided for the development of sports. How exactly the money will be used for the development of sports is not indicated in the document.

Moreover, it was proposed to introduce a fine for failure to provide a settlement document for currency exchange in the amount of 100% of the transaction amount. Later, the people’s deputy commented on his bill and explained why he decided to file it.

“I believe that when introducing a check from each cash transaction (bill 1053-1) + severe penalties for its non-issuance (1073-1), incentives must be created for exchanging currencies in non-cash form. That is, if the currency is placed on the current / card / virtual account, the exchange is made without commission. If the exchange is in cash, pay taxes to the budget. On the development of sports, ”said Dubinsky.

According to him, the cash currency in the country mainly comes from the shadow economy and bribes.

“Are we fighting for the legalization of the shadow economy and the transparency of all financial transactions, including illegal exchangers?” So let’s convert cash currency exchange «into white. That the currency got to banks, and did not feed gray cash turnover and currency speculators «, — the people’s deputy specified.

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