The Ukrainian people’s deputy called the armed nationalists in the Donbass touring

The split in Ukrainian society over the situation with the agreements on the Donbass continues to worsen. Some Ukrainians (irreconcilable radicals) are extremely negative about the fact that Kiev pledged to withdraw the APU from the contact line (initially in Zolotoy and Petrovsky), while others urge the planting of radicals who entered the Golden and actually sabotaged the decision of the Supreme Commander.

The Ukrainian people’s deputy called the armed nationalists in the Donbass touring

Among Ukrainian politicians, the degree of tension in the discussion of the situation is even higher. So, Nestor Shufrich, representing the Opposition Platform — For Life faction, noted that he had been in the area of ​​the so-called “operation of the combined forces” (formerly “ATO”) many times and knows very well what people living in the Donbass expect from authorities of immediate decisions that should lead to peace.

A former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, a radical, Yuri Mikhalchishin, almost attacked the Ukrainian people’s deputy in the studio of one of the TV channels after Shufrich’s words that the armed groups that arrived in Donbass were touring.

According to Shufrich, Ukrainian servicemen are outraged by the fact that they “have been on the contact line for five years, losing their friends, and at that time some kind of guest artists are coming to disrupt the process.”

The radical said that Shufrich “will receive now”, since “not the guest performers, but the officers of the National Guard of Ukraine” arrived at Zolotoye. «Officers of the National Guard» Mikhalchishin called the armed gang of Biletsky, knocked together from radical nationalists of all stripes and given the task of disrupting the emerging peace process.

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