The state of emergency is unacceptable, it will kill our economy, — the people’s deputy Sinyutka

Zelensky has all the power in the country, he has his own government, mono-majority, and law enforcement agencies. Not a single president had such power, and it is enough to effectively counteract the coronavirus epidemic without introducing a state of emergency
This was announced on the air of the channel «Espreso» MP from the fraction «European Solidarity» Oleg Sinyutka.

“The introduction of a state of emergency will definitely finish our economy,” the MP is convinced.

According to him, since the authorities for 10 days of quarantine have not proposed any plan to save the economy, it is perhaps worth putting political disputes in the background and saving the country together. In particular, “European Solidarity” has developed a bill that provides for compensatory measures both for local self-government, which will receive less funds by providing benefits for business, and measures for the state budget, which must be redistributed in accordance with the situation with coronavirus.

At the same time, Sinyutka assured that an extraordinary session should not be convened in order to solve other issues that are not related to saving the economy or combating a pandemic. Under the guise of combating coronavirus, attempts to push through amendments to the law on the Ukrainian language in parliament, which not only delay its introduction for several years, but also return Russian television to our television, look cynical.

“Against the backdrop of the collapse of the economy and power, Zelensky planned the signing of capitulation documents in Minsk on the actual recognition of terrorists by the Ordlo. Therefore, the introduction of a state of emergency for Zelensky is not a fight against the coronavirus epidemic, it is an attempt to protect oneself against political protests due to the capitulary attitude towards Russia and launch a flywheel of repression against opposition leaders. The power is slipping out of Zelensky’s hands and he wants to restrain it with repressive methods, ”the deputy noted.

According to Oleg Sinyutka, Zelensky should listen to the head of the UGCC His Beatitude Svyatoslav and quarantine political decisions, not start any political repressions and do everything to unite the whole country in overcoming the coronavirus epidemic.

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