The son of the people’s deputy Tkachenko was not allowed into the Verkhovna Rada

It is almost impossible to have a child in Rada
They didn’t want to let the son of the people’s deputy from the party «Servant of the People» and the candidate for the post of future head of the Kyiv City State Administration Alexander Tkachenko to the Verkhovna Rada. The deputy announced this on his Facebook page.

“He brought the kid to the place of work in the Verkhovna Rada today, because he always asks: where are you going in the morning and why are you returning so late. He explained that he wanted to bring the Verkhovna Rada to the hall. But we have, unlike many European parliaments, a special procedure . Having a child in the Rada, even if there is no session, is almost impossible, «he wrote.

Tkachenko noted that “this tradition” should be broken, since the openness of power should begin from the threshold of the Verkhovna Rada building. «Yesterday, we on a committee came up with an initiative to facilitate the passage of citizens to state buildings, including the Verkhovna Rada, to move away from humiliating entries in magazines and paperwork. I hope that it will soon become easier to introduce children to the place of work of people’s deputies,» he added MP, emphasizing that it is time for Ukrainian politicians and officials to stop creating an atmosphere of impregnability around them.

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