The Shepelev case: the court of Vienna released the head of the WWFC Vladimir Teslu

The Higher Regional Court of Vienna released from custody the head of the World League of Mixed Martial Arts (WWFC) detained in Austria in January, the head of the World League of Mixed Martial Arts (WWFC) and the all-Ukrainian youth movement «Gіdnіst natsії» Vladimir Teslu.
Vladimir Teslyak himself said this in a commentary to Ukrinform, stating that his arrest in Austria had occurred as a result of an organized provocation by the Russian special services.

“The Vienna High Court decided to unconditionally release me from custody, thereby confirming the groundlessness of the charges against me earlier. I am convinced that my arrest occurred as a result of a well-planned provocation of Russian special services with the participation of some Ukrainian politicians,” said Plotnik.

According to the head of WWFC, unfounded suspicions of committing crimes arose as a result of a massive disinformation campaign on the Internet, to which, in his opinion, Russian special services may be involved: «With the approach of the presidential election, the Russians, using their agents of influence, do everything to in order to discredit the current leadership of Ukraine and its special services in the eyes of our Western allies, trying to defame them in various «crimes», including in the provocation connected with me. »

Commenting on the statement of the people’s deputy Vitaly Kupriy, who accused him of raiding and involvement in the kidnapping, in particular, to the ex-people’s deputy Alexander Shepelev, who fled to Russia. Teslya noted that these statements are false and slander. «On this occasion, I have already filed a lawsuit against Kupriya in order to protect my honor and dignity. Regarding my alleged involvement in the detention of Shepelev, who is now in jail, on charges of murder and high treason, the concern of individual politicians about this FSB agent demonstrates in whose interests they work, «- he said.

On March 15, MP Vitaly Kupriy, on his Facebook page, said that the head of WWFC, Vladimir Teslya, who had been arrested in early January, had «fled from Austria.» He also accused Tesla of raiding, kidnapping a businessman from Slovakia and «involvement in the abduction and cruel beating of ex-People’s Deputy Alexander Shepelev.»

As you know, the ex-People’s Deputy Oleksandr Shepelev, who was accused of stealing funds from Rodovid Bank and ordering several murders, in the summer of 2014 fled to Russia from an emergency hospital in Kiev with a security guard. In August 2016, the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine, Anatoliy Matios, reported that criminal proceedings under Part 1 of Article 1111 (high treason) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine were registered with regard to Shepelev. On February 8, 2018, SBU officers detained Shepelev, and with it were found a «certificate» issued by the so-called sv. «by the Ministry of State Security of the Donetsk People’s Republic» in the name of Lieutenant Colonel Borukh Nikolai Vladimirovich.


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