«The process is on»: Vakarchuk made a confession about going to politics

The leader of the popular music group «Ocean Elzy» Svyatoslav Vakarchuk announced the development of their own political plan.

He spoke about this in an interview with journalist Sonja Koshkina, arguing that he goes into politics because he intends to change the political culture of politicians, voters and the «rules of the game.»

“I’m used to taking a step only when I can’t not make it. When I’m ready to name my plan, I’ll definitely do it. It is in the process of being developed,” Vakarchuk said.

“The question is not in me, the question is in people. My task is to make sure that as many young professionals as possible come to power. To unite young people who will put the interests of the state higher than their own. This is a difficult process, but it is going,” told the musician.


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