As of today, the presidential campaign of Petro Poroshenko has already spent 70 million hryvnias.

This was informed during the presentation of the campaign headquarters of the Head of State by the campaign speaker Oleg Medvedev, reports correspondent #Bukv.

«I specifically checked this information for the press conference: currently 70 million hryvnas are spent. As for the total amount — how much is planned to spend — it is unknown. Life will show how much will be spent. But no matter how much is spent — it will be exclusively from the electoral the fund is extremely transparent, unlike many other candidates, regarding the sources of funding for this fund, «he noted.

Medvedev also promised to regularly notify the public about the costs of the Poroshenko campaign.

«During our regular briefings, which will be held starting next week, we will inform you from time to time about the income and expenses that come from the electoral fund,» he said.

In turn, the head of the presidential campaign, People’s Deputy of the BPP Igor Gryniv said that Poroshenko finances it from his own funds.

“From the very beginning, the President set the task for all structures and his headquarters: all agitation should be as transparent as possible. He chose the path of self-nomination and, besides, self-financing. He is the only person who finances the entire election campaign from his own accounts. Accordingly, the task so that all the finances that are being spent in the campaign are as transparent as possible, «said Gryniv.


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