The people’s deputy Yaremenko explained his sensational intimate correspondence in the Rada

The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Foreign Policy and Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Bogdan Yaremenko, whom journalists caught in the Rada during an intimate correspondence on a dating network, wrote that he had provoked and allowed him to take a picture from his phone.

This was allegedly done after several people’s deputies from the «Servant of the People» became victims of spying over their shoulders.

“After several colleagues in the faction became victims of fans to spy and read over their shoulders, we applied certain precautions and now we know when“ journalists ”are peeking at our phones,” wrote Yaremenko.

He also noted that the provocation worked — «the hunter for burnt facts photographed what is not there.»

After the journalists fell for Yaremenko’s trick, the diplomat advises “you shouldn’t believe everything that the media allegedly publish.”

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