The people’s deputy who accompanied the plane with medical supplies from China, commented on a situation with IVL devices

The deputy from the «Servant of the people» Andrei Motovilovets, who accompanied the plane with medical supplies from China, spoke about the competition of various countries in the procurement.
Motovilovets said this in an interview with UP.

“We have paid for an order for lung ventilation devices. After landing (in China), we learned that we were refused to supply it.

At first they wrote that everything was ready, everything is there, waiting at the warehouse. Then at the last moment the rear was turned on. And it was necessary to “include” military attaches so that they would help us in this situation.

In the end, everything worked out. ”

According to the deputy, in Chinese Guangzhou they said that only two countries sent military aircraft for medical supplies: Ukraine and the United States of America.

Motovilovets claims that this indicates the maximum effort.

Ukraine paid for the order at the time the plane went to China, and finally agreements were reached already at the customs warehouse.

Recall that at night from the Chinese city of Guangzhou, the Il-76 aircraft of the Armed Forces arrived at the Boryspil airport, bringing in the equipment and tests necessary for the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. We are talking about two types of tests for coronavirus — rapid tests (250 thousand), which almost immediately determine the presence of the virus 5-7 days after infection due to specific antibodies, and tests for PCR (their number is not specified; such tests give the result every other day, but are more accurate).

In addition, medical masks of varying degrees of protection, disinfectors, mechanical ventilation devices and other means necessary to combat the spread of COVID-19 were delivered.

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