The people’s deputy Voloshin demanded that the National Council on TV check channel 5 after the scandalous statements of Drozdov

The People’s Deputy of the Opposition Platform — For Life faction Oleg Voloshin announced that he had appealed to the National Council on television and radio broadcasting with a demand to check the Channel 5 owned by Petro Poroshenko after the journalist and host Ostap Drozdov demanded that all citizens be deprived of Ukrainian citizenship the so-called «LDNR».

Oleg Voloshin wrote about this on his page in the social network.

“And now the second part of the“ Marlezon ballet. ”An appeal to the National Council on television and radio broadcasting with a request to check Channel 5 for the benefit of hatred towards the residents of Donbass performed by Drozdov with the full support of the leading channel Sokolova. The NewsOne National Council is trying to close because the politicians in it On the air, the radicals were called “fascists” a couple of times, and the tariff situation was “genocide.” The Oruell-style regulator saw this as “inciting hostility.” Obviously, “hostility towards the fascists”.

This time on the face of inciting hatred towards the inhabitants of a vast region. We’ll check that the National Council, formed by Poroshenko, but loved by the new government, has at least a little desire to adhere to the law. Just in case, he reminded them that ignoring my appeal entails administrative and even criminal liability, ”Voloshin wrote.

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