The people’s deputy Ustinova sued Ryaboshapki and his Office

The People’s Deputy from the “Voices” faction, Aleksandra Ustinova, filed a lawsuit against the Office of the Prosecutor General and its head, Ruslan Ryaboshapku, in the Pechersky District Court of Kiev.

She announced this on her Facebook page.

“She filed a lawsuit against the inaction of the Prosecutor General and the entire new“ reformed ”Office of the Prosecutor General. I don’t know how it is with the reforms, but with the violation of the law everything is as it was before: the prosecutors are sneezing for laws and even for the Criminal Procedure Code. For a month and a half, the Office of the Prosecutor General was not able to make a statement to the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations with Olga Stefanishina about the threats to “repel the Bosko” addressed to us at a meeting of the parliamentary committee from representatives of the pharmacy, ”the statement said.

Ustinova emphasized that, according to the law, the Office of the Prosecutor General is required to register a statement (to be submitted to the ERDR) within 24 hours.

“It took a month and a half, and they just sent us an unsubscribing notice that they are transmitting our application to each other in a circle, but they are not registering. That is, the prosecutors spat on the law and threats, while the pharmaceutical lobbyist’s car is parked every day next to the Ministry of Health in the minister’s parking lot, which only employees can enter through the barrier, ”the MP said.

She added that she was asking the Minister of Health Zoryana Skaletskaya regarding the lobbyist.

“By the way, I asked the Minister Zoryana Skaletskaya — she says she hasn’t seen and knows nothing about it. There is some kind of epidemic — deafness, blindness and violation of laws. So, if prosecutors refuse to do their job, they will have to get them to do it in court, ”summed up Ustinova.


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