The people’s deputy told what happened at the closed meeting «Servants of the people»

KIEV. 29th of October. UNN. At a closed meeting of the faction of the party «Servant of the People», deputies from the Verkhovna Rada Finance Committee promised that those who were accused of receiving undue benefits would «be held accountable.» This was stated by MP from the «Servant of the People» Alexander Dubinsky in a video message published on the people’s deputy’s YouTube channel, reports UNN.

«The meeting of the faction of the Servant of the People» party can be considered an extraordinary event, but not because it was announced on various Telegram channels and news that they held something «such» that Zhenya Shevchenko would be expelled from the party spoke on ORT, or Slava Medyanik, for being heated up with double-digit correspondence under the dome of the parliament, and even more so that the case of the financial committee of the parliament, which was indiscriminately accused of receiving undue benefits, will be discussed. I would not like the enemies of the desks II and President Zelensky. Glory Medianik went through a lie detector and presented the results, as well as members of the parliamentary finance committee, and there were no complaints against anyone, «Dubinsky said.

At the same time, according to him, he himself raised the question of the speech of the people’s deputy Shevchenko at the Russian Medical Institute, adding that first you need to establish the rules of conduct, internal etiquette, relations with the media, with colleagues and between parties within the party, and then expel or impose sanctions.

“We also removed this issue from the agenda. It was generally funny about the financial committee: the President came to the faction, says:“ listen, it’s great that you pass (test on a polygraph — ed.), Let’s go through to the end, then we’ll figure it out. ” Again, I raised the question, I say: guys, we’ll pass, have already passed. But will those people who indiscriminately accuse us bear some responsibility? It was said that they will bear it when everyone passes, we’ll understand this clearly, » declared the people’s deputy.

He assured that only a few committee members had to go through a lie detector test, after which «we will clearly tell with surnames who inspired this story.»

“I can now tell you the most important thing: this scandal in the committee was dispersed in the media and used to take away the issue of legalization of gambling business from our committee, because by transferring this project from the finance committee to the economic policy committee the rules of the Rada were violated, a decree was instituted on the distribution of powers between the committees, and, conditionally, a precedent was created for this bill to be nullified — which means dragging the work of this illegal Las Vegas even further in the streets. And this is a billion dollars a month in turnover throughout the country, «Dubinsky added.

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