The people’s deputy told about the bill on cancellation of the excise tax on a car

The attribution of used cars to the list of excisable goods outrages many Ukrainians. Thanks to the excise tax, the cost of customs clearance of a car reaches 250-650% of its price. According to the people’s deputy from the «Servant of the people» Alexei Kovalev, this situation requires a solution.

According to the official data of the SFS, customs clearance of a used car costs Ukrainians 250-650% of their value. For example, for a 1996 Audi A4 with a customs value of 6,500 hryvnias, a citizen was forced to pay 42,200 hryvnias (almost 650% of the customs value) in favor of the state.

Data on such a customs clearance is now in the public domain — «New Customs», headed by Maxim Nefedov launched a «customs calculator» — on the official website of the customs, you can now calculate the cost of customs clearance by entering its data.

However, such conditions of customs clearance may soon be changed. “I want to reassure society and inform that the chairman of the State Customs Service, Maxim Nefedov, belongs to the executive branch, and we, the people and representatives of the people, people’s deputies, are the legislative branch of government that creates the rules by which the executive branch works. Executive branch , in particular Nefedov, can only be responsible for those laws that are already in force, and make appropriate “calculators” regarding the customs clearance conditions that are in effect today. But people through voih representatives, MPs, we are with you, we can change the laws and any «calculators» — says the People’s Deputy Alexei Kovalev.

“I officially inform that we, the people’s deputies from the Party of the People’s Party, together with representatives of the government, collected wishes from people regarding the new customs clearance rules, analyzed what we can implement from the wishes of the people in the near future, and formalized this in bills 2342 and 2345, containing the following items:

The cancellation of excise duty for each Ukrainian will take place from the end of 2020 (according to the requirements of the Budget Code of Ukraine for 2020)
A complete solution to the issue of euronumbers will occur by mid-2020.
From the end of 2020, when excise duty for customs clearance is canceled for every Ukrainian, the restrictions on customs clearance of trucks, vans and other categories of transport, which are now prohibited by customs clearance, will also be lifted.
It will be possible to clear a car on euro numbers without a coefficient of age in the excise tax formula.
It will be possible to clear cars on euro numbers from any country in the world, any year of production, which drove in transit or temporary import, starting in 2015.
It will be possible to clear a car at Euro numbers only those imported before the law comes into force.
There will be no fines for customs clearance of euro numbers subject to payment of a “voluntary” contribution of 8500 UAH; if the fine has already been paid, a “voluntary” fee is not needed.
I officially inform you that I, Alexei Kovalev, together with my colleagues, people’s deputies from the Servant of the People party and officials, with the support of the people, will do my best to make bills 2342 and 2345 become laws as soon as possible, ”said the deputy.

It is worth noting that some experts have already found a corruption component in these bills. Oleg Nazarenko, Director General of the All-Ukrainian Association of Automobile Importers and Dealers, believes that it is not worth tying into the customs value of a used car, because this gives customs the opportunity to underestimate or overstate the cost of a car during customs clearance. «I will support it 100% if the author supplements the bill with proposals to also cancel the duty, VAT on import and replace the canceled taxes with a single tax on import (for example, 1 euro — from 1 cubic cm of engine volume), as in Georgia,» writes Oleg Nazarenko on your page in FB.


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