The people’s deputy Tkachenko moved to Trukhanov island after the investigation of “1 + 1” about the illegality of its development

MP and former head of “1 + 1 Media” Alexander Tkachenko settled in an undeclared mansion on Trukhanov Island in Kiev after the “1 + 1” TV channel showed investigations into the illegality of the settlements there. “OLIGARCH” found out about this from the television program “Our Money with Denis Bigus”.

Trukhanov Island is a recreational area in the capital, where housing is prohibited. The land plot under the estate used by the people’s deputy since 1994 has been leased by the Training and Sports Commercial Club Ukraine LLC. The city passed the land to a sports base.

In 2015, journalists of the “1 + 1” channel made a series of materials on illegal settlements on Trukhanov Island, including on the misuse of this particular base.

Already in 2016, photographs taken near this estate began to appear in the social networks of Alexander Tkachenko and his wife Anna. Since 2017, the family taught such photographs regularly.

According to the documents, this estate is not a residential property, but appears as an “administrative building”. The building is privately owned by Denis Kopylov, director of the Ineko investment group and co-owner of Training and Sports Club Ukraine LLC. Kopylov confirmed to Bihus.Info that it was he who provided the Tkachenko house for rent.

The people’s deputy himself did not include information about the house or about the costs of renting it in his electronic declaration.

Tkachenko assures that he has been renting the premises only in the spring of 2019, and then — he should appear in the electronic declaration only next year. However, this statement is refuted by photographs from this house, which were published by the Tkachenko family for several years in a row, journalists say.

As previously reported, the people’s deputy Alexander Tkachenko did not include in the declaration a house on Trukhanov Island, nor about the costs of renting it.

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