The people’s deputy Tkachenko fell into a scandal with real estate

A luxurious house on the banks of the Dnieper in a conservation area in the center of the capital — not everyone can afford such housing. The man who wants to lead the capital and promises to restore order in Kiev and allowed himself such a house is the former CEO of «1 + 1» Alexander Tkachenko. It was he who fell into a scandal. First, journalists, and then social activists presented evidence that the people’s deputy lives in a recreational area. But in the declaration of Tkachenko this house in his property is not indicated, as there are no expenses for rental housing.

Trukhanov island — all territories are state property and are under state protection. Only non-residential buildings, for example, sports complexes and bases, can be built here.

And although the territory is state-all behind the barbed wire fences. It was these four hectares that last week attracted the interest of journalists. They have been rented by the training and sports commercial club «Ukraine» for 26 years. However, as evidenced by the facts in social networks, live and rest here is definitely not only athletes.

Alexander Tkachenko — MP and candidate for the post of head of the capital. Photos about houses on the territory of the sports complex with a social network have been distributed for more than two years.

Activist Yaroslav Bondarenko managed to get into the territory of the house where a deputy rested a few days ago. As Bondarenko found out, the ex-general director of the 1 + 1 channel has been living here for more than a year. However, in the declaration of the chosen one this property is not indicated. According to the document, Tkachenko has two apartments in the capital. Leased property and payments on it are not indicated.

To approach the house, which, without indicating in the declaration and which Tkachenko rents, is only possible from the water. A few minutes later, a security guard meets the reporters. He claims that the building is an administrative building. However, this so-called adminzdaniya recently fried kebabs.

Sale of land on Trukhanov Island is prohibited. And you can rent it for no more than 10 years, with the right to extend the lease. However, in order to understand the potential value of a house in this place on the Internet on a real estate portal, journalists found an advertisement for selling a house on an island for five million dollars.

Vadim Sheiko, deputy director of the department of land resources of the executive body of the Kiev City Council, argues that it is impossible to build on Trukhanovy Island:

«Trukhanov Island is an object where, according to land legislation, there is land for recreation of the water fund and construction is prohibited on them. A land plot, if it is allocated for a sports and recreation complex, then sports and recreation complexes should be located there.»

On camera, the guard and the director of the base denied staying here Tkachenko. Relevant inspectors who checked the indicated territory will publish a report on this in a week. However, the activist Yaroslav Bondarenko, who is convinced that Tkachenko lives here, has his own truth:

«A chic house, well done. Alexander Tkachenko, you’re done. I liked it very much, the kitchen, excellent, yes … The refrigerator is cool there.»

The people’s deputy does not deny — it happens in the house. And, despite all the photos on social networks over the past few years, he says that he rents it recently:

“The 2019 Declaration will all be stated.”

Earlier it became known that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky today sees as the main candidate for the post of head of the Kiev City State Administration (KSCA) the people’s deputy from the Servant of the People Alexander Tkachenko.

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