The people’s deputy threatened from the rostrum of the Rada

Deputy Yaroslav Dubnevich, from whom immunity was removed, showed cookies several times during his speech.
Deputy Yaroslav Dubnevich (deputy group For the Future) showed cookies several times during his speech from the rostrum of the parliament. A video of his speech was published by Censor.NET.

“I’ll tell you all why I showed“ in ”(at the same time, the people’s deputy showed the cookie, — ed.) To Shulmeister (former deputy minister of infrastructure Vladimir Shulmeister, — ed.). Schulmeister first lobbied for the acting head of Lviv airport to have a representative Odessans Kaufman and Granovsky, and then I wanted to stop the open competition and affirm again by hook or by crook. And we, together with the deputies from Lviv region, said: «In you!» Romanovskaya directs the airport «Lions» and it shows some of the best results «, — said Dubnevich.

After that, he began to tell another situation when he showed «to» Pivovarsky (ex-minister of infrastructure, — ed.) And Schulmeister, while the people’s deputy again twisted the combination of three fingers.

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