The people’s deputy Sobolev asked Klitschko to protect the rights of investors of ZhK «Skhidna Brama»

Verkhovna Rada deputy Sergei Sobolev (Batkivshchyna faction) decided to defend about 300 defrauded investors of the residential complex Shіdna Brama on ul. Light, 3-D. This residential complex is included in the list of objects of the so-called “Wojciechowski houses”. Its construction was frozen at the end of last year. Now investors fear that the developer may be declared bankrupt and the property will not be completed.

This KV became known from the appeal of the people’s deputy Sergei Sobolev.

He recalled that the LCD «Shіdna Brahma» consists of six sections. As of the summer of 2017, people lived in three sections, two sections (4th and 5th sections) were under construction, and the sixth developer (Crystal City LLC) promised to be commissioned in the first quarter of 2018. These terms were spelled out in preliminary purchase and sale agreements between the developer and investors. To fulfill these agreements, investors paid the cost of apartments to the developer.

At the beginning of 2018, the representatives of the developer informed citizens that, due to delays in the supply of building materials, the commissioning of the sixth section of the residential complex “Shidna Brama” is postponed to May 2018. Then, according to Sergei Sobolev, the completion date was postponed to the fall of 2018, and in November-December 2018 the construction at the facility was completely stopped.

Now, according to the people’s deputy, the developer does not finance the construction of ZhK “Shidna Brama”, respectively, no construction work is underway. This, as Sobolev emphasized, testifies to violations by Crystal City LLC of the terms of preliminary contracts.

“According to the information of the citizens who contacted me, about 300 investors of the unfinished fifth and sixth sections of the indicated residential complex have already suffered from the actions of Crystal City LLC. People are concerned that the money they paid for the construction of a residential building may be withdrawn from the enterprise, and bankruptcy proceedings may be instituted against Crystal City LLC, ”he said.

The People’s Deputy noted that in 2019 investors of ZhK “Shіdna Brahma” met with representatives of the Darnitsa District State Administration (RGA), the Kiev City State Administration (KSCA) and the Presidential Office. However, authorities did not offer any options to resume construction. According to Sobolev, investors are now ready for decisive action, including holding protests to restore their violated rights.

Sobolev asked the Minister for Development of Communities and Territories Alena Babak, the head of the Kyiv City State Administration Vitali Klitschko, the director of the Department of State Architectural and Construction Control of the Kyiv City State Administration Vladimir Kuzmenko, as well as the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate (GASI) to help solve the investor’s problem.

Earlier, KV reported that in April of this year, the developer disconnected from the electricity the residents of the sections built in the residential complex “Shidna Brama” — people received electrics from generators. Outraged residents were forced to block the road.

According to the Youcontrol analytical system, Crystal City LLC has existed since 2014, it is registered at the address of LCD Shіdna Brama on ul. Svetlaya, 3. The authorized capital of the enterprise is 2 thousand hryvnias. The director is Maxim Dubnov. The founders are Anastasia Deinega (29% of the shares), Tatyana Sidorenko (30%), as well as City-Group Management Company LLC (41%).

The founders of the latter are two Cypriot offshore companies, Erburghs Holdings Limited and Mailutis Management Limited. These companies founded at least ten companies in Ukraine, including construction companies. Among them are City Center Invest LLC, Rainbow City LTD LLC, as well as Ukogrupp Management Company LLC, whose director from 2013 to 2014 was Alexander Anatolyevich Wojciechowski.

Recall that today in Kiev there are about 40 problematic objects of the scandalous developer Anatoly Wojciechowski and the Ukogrup group of companies, which began to be built from 2009 to 2014. Today, the construction of some of them has been suspended, and in some people already live. Residential complex “Shіdna Brahma” is one of such objects.We also recall that in February 2019, the court arrested 14 Ukogrup construction projects, including the specified housing complex. And in March it became known that Wojciechowski’s scandalous unfinished business was addressed at the National Agency for the Identification, Investigation and Management of Assets Received from Corruption and Other Crimes (ARMA). The Agency’s management did not promise “here and now” to solve the problem of legalizing houses for defrauded investors, but expressed its intention not to delay the process and actively work to solve their problem.

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