The people’s deputy Skorokhod explained why she burst into tears at a meeting of the Rada

The Verkhovna Rada introduced the text of amendments to the draft bill on the unbundling of the GTS, which did not correspond to the previously agreed concept. The People’s Deputy from «Servants of the people» Anna Skorokhod reported about it, the Country writes.

“On the eve of the committee, we agreed on a certain concept of un-banding. And in the hall was taken out a text that did not correspond to them. So I raised a scandal, and they shut up my mouth. I said that I wanted to go through the edits, and they turned off my microphone. Of course, I understand that I have reacted too emotionally, but I really do not like when we are held for fools. I was outraged by the way they treated me. I was not allowed to speak at all, ”Skorohod said.

The deputy also said that she does not know how to explain this behavior of colleagues.

“The bottom line is that amendments were made to one article, but not to the text of other laws that also affect the issue of the GTS. That is, in one law one thing, and in another another, and they contradict each other. And I wanted to bring all of these standards into line, ”Skorohod added.

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