The people’s deputy Sergey Minko allocated 100 thousand hryvnias that people were given out masks

Since yesterday, consultation centers on coronavirus issues have been operating in Melitopol. Here, not only inform the population, but also distribute personal protective equipment — masks and gloves. It turned out that philanthropists were funding this work. The first installment of 100 thousand hryvnias was made by the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Sergey Minko. Businessmen are also joining the initiative.

The first deputy of the mayor, Irina Rudakova, said that information tents are peculiar branches of city call centers on coronavirus issues. Here you can get advice, learn about possible protective equipment, as well as get protective equipment — masks and gloves. These items are bought at the expense of philanthropists.

— In total, the Fund received 110 thousand UAH. 100 thousand hryvnias from them were transferred by the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Sergey Minko. His position is to help the residents of the city as much as possible during this difficult time. These funds are used to buy disinfectants, gloves, masks for those who need to go to the pharmacy, shop or take a minibus, but there are no protective equipment, ”said Irina Rudakova and added that the demand for personal protective equipment is so high that today it’s available there were only gloves left.

The city government is also considering the possibility of installing two additional tents in the city — they can appear on New Melitopol and in the Zhilmassiv.

Today everyone can help ordinary Melitopol residents and doctors. If you want to help city dwellers protect themselves from coronavirus, transfer money to the account of Charitable Foundation “Everything is possible”. These funds will be used to disseminate information and materials to advisory centers.

Details for contributions:

BO «BF» Everything is possible «,» Raiffeisen Bank Aval «, Subsidiary UA023808050000000026004680639, EGRPOU 36210263.

If you want to assist in the work of medical institutions in the city, send funds to the special account of TMT:

Recipient: KNP “TMO“ BLIML and SHMD ”MMR ZO

Recipient Code: 05498720

Beneficiary’s Bank: AT “Ukrgasbank”

R / s: UA333204780000026000924867718

Purpose of payment: charitable contribution for the development of the material and technical base for measures on the coronavirus COVID-19.

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