The people’s deputy reported how many deputies of the “Servants of the People” control Kolomoisky

The Chairman of the Servants of the People faction in the Verkhovna Rada, David Arahamia, believes that oligarch Igor Kolomoisky controls approximately 7-9 deputies in the pro-presidential political force.

Arahamia spoke about this in an interview with, published on Saturday, October 12.

The topic of influence on deputies by Kolomoisky is actively discussed in society, therefore, the chairman of the parliamentary faction, which is essentially a mono-majority, was asked several questions regarding this.

Journalists directly asked David Arahamia: “How many deputies are in the faction of Kolomoisky?”

“I heard about 7-9. Some people are simply associated with Kolomoisky on a regional basis, ”replied Arahamia.

The chairman of the SN faction responded that he knew indirectly: “I saw him once in 2014, when he was governor in the Dnieper.” Such an answer surprised the Left Bank reporters and they specified: “Why then does he not love you so much?”

“Probably because I publicly express my position. Igor Valerievich loves people whom he can control, ”noted Arahamia.

Journalists drew attention to the fact that Alexander Tkachenko is the ex-head of the 1 + 1 channel, owned by Igor Kolomoisky. So is it not he who heads the conditional “group of deputies of Kolomoisky?”

“No one leads the Kolomoisky informal group,” Arahamia categorically answered.

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