The people’s deputy Radutsky spoke with the pranker about surcharge in envelopes «to the servants of the people»: photo proof

Pranker under the nickname «Joker» published a correspondence with the people’s deputy from «Servants of the People», the head of the Rada committee on national health, medical care and medical insurance Mikhail Radutsky. In correspondence, the pranker and the people’s deputy discussed the need for «salaries in envelopes» for the people elected.

«On September 17, they discussed with Mikhail Radutsky that deputies should be paid salaries» in envelopes. «It was September 17. And today we already have evidence that deputies of the Servants of the People receive money» in envelopes, «the Joker wrote in your telegram channel.

In correspondence with the pranker, Radutsky writes that a “white” salary of 4 thousand dollars (about 100 thousand hryvnias) would be enough for people’s deputies.

Note that Radutsky himself confirmed the fact of such correspondence in the commentary of Radio Liberty. At the same time, he assured that none of the deputies of the Servant of the People received “salaries in envelopes”.

Radutsky said that he began to receive messages from an unfamiliar phone number, which was recorded as «xs». The deputy suggested that this is one of his acquaintances and willingly entered into a dialogue.

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