The people’s deputy Plachkova called the reason which impedes the establishment of peace

According to the latest sociological data, the establishment of peace remains the most important for Ukrainians.

MP from the Opposition Platform — For Life Tatyana Plachkova believes that peace is being hindered by the immaturity of power in making bold decisions. She stated this on the air of Newsone.

In particular, she noted that according to the latest sociological data, the establishment of peace remains the most important thing for Ukrainians. The percentage of people who answered the question of sociologists in this way actually coincides with the percentage of voters who elected President Vladimir Zelensky. However, given the actions of the authorities, it is not clear how it will provide the main expectations of Ukrainians.

“The president should realize: the people who voted for him today note that the issue of peace is the most important for them. However, for artificial informational occasions he is relegated to the background. It seems that all these allusions to «Plan B», «C», the constant changes in position are the desire to hide the confusion and lack of an intelligible strategy for a peaceful settlement, «the MP said.

She also stressed that the authorities should seize the opportunity that representatives of the HRE are able to provide in conducting a constructive dialogue to resolve the peace issue.

“Like the government, the opposition is also the choice of the Ukrainian people. And she is doing everything to protect the interests of Ukrainians. If the opposition has opportunities in ensuring direct dialogue for peace, the authorities should use them for Ukraine and Ukrainians. However, the immaturity of the power team in making bold decisions hinders these processes, ”summed up Plachkova.

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