The people’s deputy-millionaire Efimov received from debtors 133 million hryvnias

The people’s deputy millionaire Maxim Efimov from the Trust group received 133 million hryvnias from debtors.

Revision decided to get acquainted with the declarations of one of the richest people’s deputies of this and past convocations of Maxim Efimov, discovering assets worth billions of hryvnias and suspicious financial transactions there.

Maxim Efimov has a lot of real estate. Moreover, when an armed conflict began in eastern Ukraine, the people’s deputy immediately went to buy real estate in Donetsk — in April 2014 he bought 12 plots of land in Donetsk with a total area of ​​11.5 thousand square meters, and in May 2014 — a mansion with an area of ​​230 sq. m, providing itself with land assets and real estate in the unrecognized «DNR».

In the homeland in the village of Belenkoye, Donetsk region, the people’s deputy has two mansions with a total area of ​​500 square meters. m and two plots of land with an area of ​​2.8 thousand square meters. m, there is located his calf area of ​​635.4 square meters. m. In addition, in the village of Yasnogork, Donetsk region, the people’s deputy has two stores with an area of ​​156 square meters. m and two plots of land with an area of ​​1.1 thousand square meters. m. He also has a mansion in the village of Dibrova, Donetsk region, an area of ​​327.7 square meters. m and two plots of land in the same area of ​​3.3 thousand square meters. m

The Kiev region did not pass the people’s deputy either: in Kiev he has apartments of 225 square meters. m and a garage (18.5 sq. m), in the village of New Petrovtsy, Kiev region, a huge mansion with an area of ​​722.8 sq. m. m and a plot of land with an area of ​​2.3 thousand square meters. m, six more plots of land in the village of Khotyanovka with a total area of ​​477 thousand square meters. m

Well, just in case, overseas property — an apartment in the USA with an area of ​​279.3 square meters. m and in the UK — 80 square meters. m

In addition, Efimov and his wife declared 43 luxury items — these are watches, jewelry, accessories and clothing made from expensive fur from brands such as Martin Braun, Bovet, Ulysse Nardin, IWC, Harry Winston, Cvstos, Graham, Nijole, Rindi, Nello Santi, De Nicola, Diamond Furs, Fendi, Tardini, A.Lange & Sohne, DeLaneau, Chopard, Carrera, Magerit, etc. As for the motor vehicle, Maxim Efimov officially owns the Lexus GX 470 (2005) and the Bombardier RXP X RS 260 jet ski, and his wife — Lexus GX 460 and Range Rover (2014).

As for business, the people’s deputy indicated 68 companies in which he or his family members are the final beneficiary. At the same time, many firms are located offshore and abroad in Hungary, the UK, Cyprus, the United States, Germany and the Virgin Islands.

However, Efimov did not indicate his entire business — according to the YouControl analytical system, his group of companies in Ukraine alone includes 79 enterprises. The main activities of the group are engineering (Starokramatorsky Machine-Building Plant and Kramatorsk Heavy Machine Tool Plant), agribusiness and alternative energy. The main partners are family members of the former people’s deputy and ex-minister of the Minregionbud Anatoly Bliznyuk. In addition to himself, Efimov draws up his enterprises for his wife Anna Efimova, mother Lyubov Efimova, daughter Isabella Efimova and assistant Lyudmila Ulyashchenko.

As for incomes in 2019, the salary of the people’s deputy in the Verkhovna Rada of half a million hryvnias is only a small part of his profit. In general, for the year he declared for 2019 22.3 million hryvnias of profit. 18.1 million of them are the so-called proceeds from debt forgiveness from STRATEGY INVEST GROUP INC enterprises controlled by the same company from the Virgin Islands and SH AGRO FINANCE HOLDING LIMITED.

It’s worthwhile to dwell on this separately, because it is a tax evasion scheme popular among Ukrainian businessmen and politicians — when the owner receives money from his own enterprises as if they were borrowing money, the owner does not pay taxes, since credit funds are not taxed in Ukraine, and then his companies “forgive” »Him these debts. In 2019, Yefimov collected such “debts” for $ 21.9 million and 2.8 million euros. He and his wife took another 4.3 million hryvnas on credit at PrivatBank.

As for official financial assets, by the end of 2019, the Efimov family came up with 696 million hryvnias and $ 2.2 million in cash and in bank accounts.

The people’s deputy’s expenses are also impressive: he spent 534 thousand hryvnias on utilities, a million on loan repayments, 158 thousand on the management of the companies transferred to the trust, 422.1 million hryvnias were given to someone on loan, 646 thousand hryvnias were spent on training of the son of Danila, another 502 thousand hryvnias — to Nicole’s daughter. The people’s deputy spent 902 thousand hryvnias for hotels in France, 567 thousand hryvnias for treatment in Germany, 8.5 million hryvnias cost him air tickets, 1.2 million hryvnias for an election campaign, and bought 168 thousand more movable property, which is not indicated. At the same time, with such income and tax spending, taking into account the military duty, the people’s deputy paid 4.6 million hryvnia.

Judging by his declarations of 2020, Efimov continues to actively travel and engage in credit fraud. Since the beginning of the year, he has already spent 454.5 thousand hryvnias on tickets and paid 910 thousand hryvnias for hotels in France. As for credit operations, during this time Efimov received from various controlled companies and debtors 133 million hryvnias as a return of various kinds of debts, repaid 66 million hryvnias and borrowed another 35.3 million hryvnias.

In addition, in 2020, the people’s deputy actively buys currency and has already spent 17.2 million hryvnias on it, and also expands his business empire, having bought corporate rights and securities at the moment by 21.8 million hryvnias.

The people’s deputy transferred another 7.3 million hryvnias as financial assistance to his mother and 190 thousand to his daughter Isabella, as a payment for the education of his son Danila, he spent 200.4 thousand hryvnias, to his daughter Nicole — 172.2 thousand hryvnias. In addition, at the moment, the people’s deputy has already declared purchases of almost 600 thousand hryvnias. Another interesting point is that the politician regularly receives “prizes” for the work of the scientific and technical council of his own enterprise PJSC Energomashspetsstal, since the beginning of the year he has already received 593 thousand hryvnias.

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