The people’s deputy Medyanik from the Dnieper got into a scandal with the prosecutor’s office: “I’ll talk with Trepak on sugar”

32-year-old people’s deputy from the Dnieper, Vyacheslav Medyanik, who went to Rada in the 27th district, got into a scandal after publishing a photo of his correspondence in Rada, where he discussed the “solution” of issues with prosecutors in the interests of business.

Reported by Strana.yua.

The people’s deputy Medyanik from the Dnieper got into a scandal with the prosecutor’s office: «Only through our lawyers» (Photo). Dnipro News
Vyacheslav Medianik — a member of the committee on legislative support of law enforcement corresponded during the meeting the phone rang.

On that wire was the subscriber «Sasha Yarovoy.» Medyanik dropped the call and answered in the Telegram messenger:

“Write. I am in Parliament. We are voting. ”

Dialog text (spelling saved):
Spring: 1.) We used to work in conjunction with the GP (Prosecutor General’s Office — Ed.). They gave us the prosecutor’s prosecutor — and they wrote to him everything that needs to be done, after agreeing with Yura (probably, the speech is about the former prosecutor general Lutsenko — Ed.) (Can this be arranged now?) 2.) the ocean / sugar is already ringing asking — what did you do in a week? You can dock us with the prosecutor to whom this will be signed. Do not show the client anything — they will go to others. 3.) a lobbying system is being organized (is it possible to accredit us in this movement?) And if something doesn’t work out for you, feel free to say as it is. We are determined to connect and help or strengthen our position.

Medyanik: Only our law firm has a green light. And all cases are only through our lawyers. I’ll also talk about sugar today. Give me the names of those who have business with Ocean in GP.

Spring: approx.

Medyanik: I’ll talk about sugar with Trepak (Deputy Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapki — Ed.).

Spring: approx.

Copperman: Sugar business in NABU.

At this point, Mr. Medianik was distracted and the correspondence ended.

Alexander Yarovoy is a businessman from the Dnieper who is in business contact with a deputy. Obviously, he asks him to «solve» some issues and help with law enforcement.

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