The people’s deputy Kiva at the stands of Rada was distinguished by strange behavior

MP from the “Opposition Platform — For Life” Ilya Kiva again fell into the lenses of video cameras.

This time, at a meeting of the Rada, he stood near the rostrum and emotionally said something, waving his arms. From the outside it looked very strange.

Obviously, he was talking with someone on the phone, because you can see the headphones in his ears. The video with the people’s deputy was shot by parliamentary photographer Yan Dobronosov and published on his page on Facebook.

«Psychiatrist in the studio,» «Dress rehearsal before speaking at the podium,» «He gives a comment to ZIK. He has a headset in his ear,» they write in the comments under the video. Earlier, MP from the Opposition Platform — For Life, Ilya Kiva brought the Joker mask to the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada.

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