The people’s deputy Goncharenko sent to SBU and the Ministry of Defense requests for Zelensky’s trip to Oman

People’s Deputy of the European Solidarity faction Oleksiy Goncharenko sent to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine inquiries about whether Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was informed of a possible military clash between Iran and the United States before traveling to Oman.

«Air traffic between Ukraine and Oman passes through countries that at that time carried out air and missile attacks and fought. I have several questions for our security forces. How should the SBU and the Ministry of Defense respond to the threat to the President if he whether he accidentally or accidentally ended up in a country adjacent to tense areas, in particular in the Middle East, was Zelensky informed about US airstrikes from January 2 to 3 and about putting the missile forces of Iran on full alert? it reported, and how did he react? » — Goncharenko wrote on his page on the social network Facebook.

The People’s Deputy stressed that, according to the current legislation, the SBU and the Defense Ministry are obliged to carry out information and analytical actions in the interests of national security and report on possible threats to the commander in chief.

«In any case, such an exotic choice of a place to stay Zelensky led to the fact that he could not quickly respond and return to the country after the crash with the UIA Boeing,» Goncharenko emphasized.

Earlier, Goncharenko contacted the President’s Office with a request to inform him of the flight Zelensky flew to Oman and whether he really lived in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel while in this country.

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