The people’s deputy Gerus lobbies reduction of the «green» tariff in the interests of Kolomoisky

For investors, a stable investment environment is a fundamental issue, and they will react negatively to a retrospective review of the green tariff.

The head of the Verkhovna Rada Energy Committee Andrei Gerus seeks to reduce the «green» tariff so that businessman Igor Kolomoisky gets cheap electricity for his energy-intensive enterprises. This is discussed in the material of the «Business Capital» — «How will green energy affect the rating of power.»

The publication reports that the head of the Verkhovna Rada committee on energy and housing and communal services, Andrei Gerus, has come up with an initiative to cut the «green» tariff at which the state purchases electricity generated from renewable energy sources (RES). Although its preservation at an unchanged level until 2030 is guaranteed by the legislation of Ukraine and international treaties signed by our country. According to the author, he is lobbying for this decision in the interests of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who needs cheap electricity for his enterprises.

“The proposed reduction of green tariffs is an attempt to obtain another preference for the business of billionaire Igor Kolomoisky. As well as the recent lifting of the ban on electricity supplies from Russia, initiated by the same deputy Gerus. Two ferroalloy plants and two Kolomoisky GOKs have long been in need of modernization that can reduce exorbitantly high energy costs of these enterprises. However, the oligarch is not going to do this, preferring to bring the proceeds abroad, «the author of the material notes.

He cites the data of expert Dmitry Marunich, according to which, in 2010-2017, businessman Igor Kolomoisky brought offshore about $ 2.75 billion from export of ferroalloys and about $ 125 million from supplies of manganese ore from ore mining and processing enterprises. And he notes that Kolomoisky needs cheap current for his outdated and excessively energy-intensive enterprises. Indeed, in the cost of ferroalloys, the specific gravity of electricity reaches 50%.

“Kolomoisky needs cheap electricity. At any cost. To demonstrate the importance of cheap electricity for Kolomoisky, one fact is enough: in 2018, Zaporizhzhya and Nikopolsky smelters consumed 5.2 billion kWh of electricity, and this is 10% of the total electricity consumption by industry Ukraine, and Kolomoisky is a co-owner of Dneprospetsstal, where the cost of electricity in the cost of production is even greater than in the ferroalloy plants. . Omoyskomu «Dniproazot» Kremenchug refinery, Pokrovsky and Marganets mining companies and other enterprises Apparently, the company Kolomoisky to have every fifth kWh consumed, Ukrainian industry «- reported in the material.

We will remind, earlier political scientist Kirill Sazonov expressed the opinion that the head of the parliamentary committee on energy and housing and communal services Andrei Gerus initiated the reduction of the «green» tariff in the interests of Kolomoisky. He noted that such a decision threatens Ukraine with problems with the EU, since we are violating our obligations. As well as lawsuits from foreign investors financing alternative energy development projects in our country, of which there are currently about 500.

The Norwegian Ambassador to Ukraine, Ole Horpestad, stressed that stable conditions for investors are a fundamental issue for investors and they will react negatively to a retrospective review of the green tariff.

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