The people’s deputy from the Zaporizhzhya region could not explain «Steinmeier’s formula»

The journalist of “Direct” wanted to find out from people’s deputy Sergei Minko from Melitopol about what the “Steinmeier formula” is.

As it turned out, the ex-mayor of Melitopol does not know the answer to this question.

“As you see, the troops should be divorced, how should everything be? Do you understand the picture of this “Steinmeier formula?” The journalist asked.
“No, unfortunately, I am not a specialist or professional in the field of martial arts. Therefore, by what mechanism our military and politicians will be guided by when discussing troop withdrawal, — I, unfortunately, cannot say anything here, ”Minko answered.
The Steinmeier Formula is part of a plan beneficial to Putin, and therefore, of course, the fears in Ukraine are well founded. Now Ukrainian society is obliged to categorically oppose capitulationism, for whatever good purpose it may be pursued. The current situation will force every conscious citizen to determine his position, and this will help politicians make the right decision. The stakes are very high — any mistake and any play on Putin will lead to widespread protests.

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