The people’s deputy from «Servants of the people» Volodina passed the polygraph

According to the people’s deputy Daria Volodina (“Servant of the people”), a polygraph test confirmed that she had not entered into a conspiracy and did not receive undue benefits for voting or non-voting on bill No. 2047-d.

Darya Volodina, MP from the “Servants of the People”, member of the Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy, passed a polygraph test in connection with the scandal surrounding the refusal of a number of deputies to the “Servant of the People” to vote for draft law No. 2047-d on the elimination of corruption schemes in time for the assessment of real estate in the financial committee of the Verkhovna Rada.

This Volodina reported on Facebook.

“I won’t arrange a show. I found a polygraph examiner on the Internet. I answered all the questions. I’m also ready to answer all the questions of the anti-corruption bodies. And yes, the whole procedure took about two hours. Besides the question on bills No. 2047 / 2047-1 / 2047- e, asked to include the issue of undue benefits (these are tangible and any intangible benefits (positions, etc.) that “promised me” or “I received / will receive for voting / not voting” for any other bills. Everything is in the results, «she wrote.

Volodina added that the results of the examination said that she did not conspire over the vote and did not receive undue profit for voting or not voting on bills No. 2047 / 2047-1 / 2047-d or any other bills.

“I pass on the relay race to my colleagues from the committee who have not yet managed to do this. Only a request: do it at least a little in accordance with the requirements and recommendations for the procedure, ”concluded the people’s deputy.

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