The people’s deputy from «Servants of the people» Vereshchuk submitted the candidacy for participation in intra-party primaries for a post of the mayor of Kiev

People’s deputy of the Servant of the People faction Irina Vereshchuk submitted her candidacy to participate in intra-party primaries for the mayor of Kiev.

«I did not discuss this issue with President Zelensky, because the primaries are an open question. I submitted my candidacy when I heard that various candidates are being considered. There is a right and an opportunity for this,» Vereshchuk told a TV channel on Tuesday » Our».

“I have a certain reason to submit my candidacy: I understand this, I have lived in this for many years, I know and can. Why then not give my vision of what can be done in the local elections in Kiev?” She added.

As reported, the leader of the party «Servant of the People» Alexander Kornienko said that from four to six candidates for mayor of Kiev can take part in party primaries, mentioning deputies Alexander Tkachenko, Nikolai Tishchenko, Alexander Dubinsky and Alexander Kachuk. Kornienko also noted that the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko, who had previously announced his possible participation in the mayoral elections in Kiev, could theoretically participate in the primaries.

Kachura and Dubinsky, who expressed their desire to run for mayor of Kiev, announced their intention to hold a debate without waiting for the primaries.

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