The people’s deputy from «Servants of the people» told that he was connected with the organizer of the murder Okueva

Yury Aristov, MP from the Servant of the People faction, said that Igor Redkin, who was suspected of organizing the assassination of Amina Okuyeva, was among the founders of the companies that were created with his participation. The people’s deputy reported about it on the page on Facebook.

“I want to prevent possible speculation regarding my ties with Igor Redkin, who was detained in the murder case of Amina Okueva,” he wrote.

According to Aristov, Redkin was among the co-founders of two companies that were created with his participation for the construction of the restaurant — Golden Fish LLC and Black Shrimp LLC. Redkin joined the founders of companies in November-December 2018.

“Already in the spring of 2019, he left the cofounders: April 16 — from the Golden Fish company, May 17 — from the Black Shrimp company. This period and project is limited to our common business history. Now Mr. Redkin and I have no business or friendly relations, ”the“ servant of the people ”said.

At the same time, the people’s deputy did not comment on the allegations made by Redkin.

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