The people’s deputy from «Servants of the people» declared deputies from HEL as successors of Yezhov and Beria

The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Nikita Poturaev from the «Servant of the People» declared the deputies of the pro-Russian faction of the HLS successors of the Soviet People’s Commissars Nikolai Yezhov and Lavrenty Beria.

He said this from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada, speaking in support of the launch of the land market.

«We will finally settle accounts with the maniac Lenin and the cannibal Stalin, who did everything possible to deprive the Ukrainian people of their main wealth — the land. We will return the land to Ukrainians once and for all,» Poturaev said into the microphone, trying to shout down the HLS who oppose the sale of agricultural land destination.

«And I want the whole country to look at the heirs of Yagoda, Yezhov, Beria, the bloody executioners of the Ukrainian people. These people — the heirs of those who organized the Holodomor, killed millions of Ukrainians, depriving them of their land. Here they are, here they are,» said Poturaev pointing to the representatives of the HLS.

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