The people’s deputy from «Servants of the people» criticized Zelensky for «contract» in Donbass

After the demarche of a number of Ukrainian people’s deputies from the presidential faction of the “Servant of the People” party, who criticized the approval by the head of the Office of the President Andriy Yermak of a document on the establishment of an “advisory council” with the participation of representatives of the ORDLO, the “servant of the people” Yelizaveta Yasko, who is the head of the parliamentary delegation, made a critical statement. in PACE.

So, in her article published on the website of the “European Truth”, she writes that the signing of such a document (they were going to do it on March 25) will give Russia the opportunity and documentary grounds to assert its alleged innocence of aggression in Ukraine and destroy the six-year work of lawyers in attracting the country -aggressor to liability in the courts.

The People’s Deputy of Ukraine also speaks about the danger of lifting international sanctions from Russia and conducting direct negotiations with the occupation administrations. “To cross the Rubicon, you do not even need them (ORDLO. — Ed.)“ Official recognition by Ukraine “- the mere fact of the negotiations is enough. In international law, there is a concept of «de facto recognition», according to which such actions on the part of Ukraine can be interpreted as the recognition of representatives of the so-called «LPR / DPR» as the only independent representatives of the Ordlo, ”the article says.

Noting that the decision of the Trilateral Contact Group on the creation of an “advisory council” has not yet been signed, but only agreed, Elizaveta Yasko adds: “This means that official Kiev has a chance to circumvent the Russian trap, and our officials avoid a huge mistake. In my (and not only my) conviction, this decision will not bring peace in the East. This decision will not strengthen the position of Ukraine in the world. This decision will not strengthen the president’s rating. This decision will not unite Ukrainian society. Unfortunately».

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